Jersey Shore Area EMS Patient Survey

Please rate your experience with JSA EMS by choosing a selection from the drop down boxes following each question. For any area that you rate a "1" or "4" on, please briefly explain why in the provided box. Your input will be used to improve the quality of patient care that our service provides to the communities that we serve. 

Thank you in advance for taking time to complete this survey.


Date of Service

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How was the timeliness of our response to your location?

How was the appearance of our crew?

How was the cleanliness of our ambulance?

How was the professionalism of our crew?

How would you rate the crew's interaction with you?

How did the crew interact with your family and/or friends?

How well did our staff explain billing forms and the privacy notice with you?

How would you rate your overall experience with Jersey Shore Area EMS?

If you interacted with our billing staff, rate your overall experience with them:

In order to help us improve the level of service that we provide, please explain any "4's" or "1's".

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Brady Breon, EMS Operations Manager.
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