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Vision Statement

The vision of Jersey Shore Area EMS is to become a model rural basic and advanced life support EMS service that others across the state of Pennsylvania strive to emulate.

JSA EMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer our customers high quality pre-hospital patient care services that are delivered in a professional, courteous, and timely manner. We will work hand in hand with other providers in order to build positive relationships thereby enhancing the services that we provide. We will position our self so as to take full advantage of any new markets and opportunities that will help us to achieve our primary mission.

For Our Customers:                                                                                           

HIPPA Policy                                                                                       

Ambulance Subscription 

JSA EMS Patient Survey                                                                                                                                                                       

For Providers and Visitors:

EMS Staff

Exposure Control Policy

PA DOH Learning Management System (LMS)

Check Your Continuing Education

FEMA/National Fire Academy Online Education

Pennsylvania EMS Protocols

Pennsylvania EMS Statistics

Pennsylvania College of Technology Paramedic Training Program

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1212 Locust Street Jersey Shore PA 17740

Station 4-45 (570) 398-0782  Station 5-45 (570) 398-7242  EMS Billing Office (570) 398-7471   Fax (570) 398-3520

Stations 45 and 94 Dispatched by Lycoming County 911 Center Freq. 154.430