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After cleaning up from the accident Station 45 was dispatched for a land rescue in Mchenry Township with many other companies at 20:06(8:20pm) hours.  Chiefs 45 and 1-45 responded with ATV 45, Special Units 45 and 1-45 with a total of 8 staff.  Upon arriving at the command post on Old Post Office Road, ATV 45 and Chief 45 were deployed to check areas along side of the roadways and near the gas drilling site.  Chief 1-45 was sent with Lt 45 to get ATV 33 to aid in the search.  After both searches along roadways were unsuccessful, Station 45 crew was put in charge of doing a grid sweep with other assisting crews out back of the cabin.  Upon doing this the missing person was located by one of our own about 150 yards from the cabin.  Treatment was started then by EMT's (Emergency Medical Technician) and a Paramedic on scene.  Patient was packaged into a stokes basket and given a ride out to the command area by ATV 16.  Patient was then transported by Utility 16 with the assistance of an EMT and Paramedic from Station 45 to meet with MICU 94.  Patient care was turned over to the 94 crew to be transported to the hospital for obvious medical conditions.  45 units were back in service at 00:26(12:26am)

1212 Locust Street Jersey Shore PA 17740

Station 4-45 (570) 398-0782  Station 5-45 (570) 398-7242  EMS Billing Office (570) 398-7471   Fax (570) 398-3520

Stations 45 and 94 Dispatched by Lycoming County 911 Center Freq. 154.430